New England Carcinoid Connection is a small group made up of individuals with NET cancer and their caregivers. We meet every month, alternating between joining the Dana Farber Neuroendocrine cancer support group at Dana Farber in Boston, MA and having our own meting O'Hara's in Newton, MA.  At Dana Farber, we meet as a whole group and then divide into patients and caregivers, as each group faces different experiences. There we are joined by a social worker who offers us support and guidance. At O'Hara's we enjoy a nice lunch and engage in conversations about our personal experiences with NET cancer. Our main goal is to help one another as we are all living with different variations of the same diagnosis.

New England Carcinoid Connection is a very low key group, with very minimal obligations and endless support. At meetings there can be anywhere from four to twenty people, and each one is as helpful as the next. With this website we hope to raise awareness for NET cancer and let anyone who has been diagnosed with NET cancer know that we are here and anyone is more than welcome to join us.